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YOU SPILLED THE SALT! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Matt Squared

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hahahah! [Feb. 15th, 2004|03:06 am]
Matt Squared

[mood |amusedamused]

Alk3matt [3:04 AM]: do you like the new britney spears song
INtHeCiTaY15 [3:04 AM]: toxic
INtHeCiTaY15 [3:04 AM]: nope
INtHeCiTaY15 [3:04 AM]: do you?
Alk3matt [3:04 AM]: yes
INtHeCiTaY15 [3:04 AM]: lol
Alk3matt [3:05 AM]: the video is on right now and i wanna dance
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Matt Squared
passthedutch27 (9:35:21 PM): hey
Heartless Cloud0 (9:35:39 PM): hi
passthedutch27 (9:36:18 PM): wats up
Heartless Cloud0 (9:36:22 PM): nm
Heartless Cloud0 (9:36:30 PM): u
passthedutch27 (9:36:46 PM): thinkin of you
Heartless Cloud0 (9:36:56 PM): who is this
passthedutch27 (9:37:18 PM): your destiny
passthedutch27 (9:38:53 PM): i want to pass you dutch
passthedutch27 (9:39:49 PM): i dont get ti
Heartless Cloud0 (9:40:07 PM): what r u takin about
passthedutch27 (9:40:27 PM): why won't you talk to me
passthedutch27 (9:40:31 PM): i like you
Heartless Cloud0 (9:40:47 PM): who r u
passthedutch27 (9:41:12 PM): meghan
passthedutch27 (9:43:54 PM): i need to ask you a question
Heartless Cloud0 (9:44:00 PM): what
passthedutch27 (9:44:30 PM): would you let me have sex with you
Heartless Cloud0 (9:45:18 PM): name the time and place
passthedutch27 (9:46:02 PM): do you know where wendys is
passthedutch27 (9:46:11 PM): the one at the mall
Heartless Cloud0 (9:46:14 PM): yeah
passthedutch27 (9:46:41 PM): meet me there tomorrow at 1pm and we can go back to my house
Heartless Cloud0 (9:46:53 PM): ok
passthedutch27 (9:47:08 PM): do you have a condom
Heartless Cloud0 (9:47:17 PM): i have alot of them
passthedutch27 (9:47:24 PM): bring them
passthedutch27 (9:48:21 PM): i want you really bad
Heartless Cloud0 (9:48:35 PM): i bet you do
passthedutch27 (9:49:31 PM): do you have a gf
Heartless Cloud0 (9:49:36 PM): no
passthedutch27 (9:49:40 PM): good
passthedutch27 (9:49:47 PM): i dont have a bf
passthedutch27 (9:50:42 PM): you better show up tomorrow
Heartless Cloud0 (9:50:49 PM): oh i will
Heartless Cloud0 (9:51:00 PM): i got 5h baby
passthedutch27 (9:51:17 PM): don't tell anybody about this
Heartless Cloud0 (9:51:23 PM): i wont
passthedutch27 (9:51:28 PM): good
passthedutch27 (9:51:33 PM): your all mine
Heartless Cloud0 (9:52:01 PM): just out of curiousity y dont u wont me to tell anyone
passthedutch27 (9:52:35 PM): i don't really care
passthedutch27 (9:52:44 PM): you can tell people
Heartless Cloud0 (9:52:53 PM): ok
passthedutch27 (9:53:30 PM): you should update your lj and talk about me in it
Heartless Cloud0 (9:53:49 PM): oh i will
passthedutch27 (9:54:22 PM): can you do it tonight
Heartless Cloud0 (9:54:36 PM): ill see
passthedutch27 (9:55:06 PM): do it for me
passthedutch27 (9:55:09 PM): please
passthedutch27 (9:56:40 PM): your a good looking nut
passthedutch27 (9:58:04 PM): i cant wait till tomorrow
Heartless Cloud0 (9:58:13 PM): me ether
passthedutch27 (9:58:34 PM): what do you want me to do to you first
Heartless Cloud0 (10:00:07 PM): woo the nasty thing you can think oh
passthedutch27 (10:00:20 PM): sounds good
passthedutch27 (10:01:01 PM): i gotta go
Heartless Cloud0 (10:01:07 PM): ok
passthedutch27 (10:01:13 PM): remember to bring your condoms
passthedutch27 (10:02:11 PM): bye
Heartless Cloud0 (10:03:35 PM): bye
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Matt Squared
[mood |happyhappy]

Honeylash (11:19:38 PM): you like alkaline trio?
Alk3matt (11:20:00 PM): yes
Honeylash (11:20:07 PM): i love them
Honeylash (11:20:13 PM): whats your favorite song
Alk3matt (11:21:17 PM): goodbye forever and this is getting over you and lots more
Honeylash (11:21:45 PM): both good choices

Honeylash (11:21:50 PM): did you ever see them play?

Alk3matt (11:21:56 PM): yes
Honeylash (11:22:19 PM): i never did, im only 9 and im not allowed out of my house
Honeylash (11:22:45 PM): but when i turn 17 my grandmom said i could go out to concerts and cool stuff like that
Alk3matt (11:23:23 PM): how did you get this screen name
Honeylash (11:23:40 PM): i looked up alkaline trio, and your name came up
Honeylash (11:24:03 PM): so i decided to talk to you, number one, bc alk3 rules, and matt is my favorite name
Alk3matt (11:24:11 PM): i c
Honeylash (11:24:31 PM): so tell me about yourself ...what other bands do you listen to?

Alk3matt (11:24:52 PM): i only like rap music
Honeylash (11:25:08 PM): and alk3?
Honeylash (11:25:18 PM): thats a different mix
Honeylash (11:25:25 PM): your interesting , tell me more
Alk3matt (11:25:39 PM): i have a twin
Honeylash (11:26:17 PM): whats your twins name?
Alk3matt (11:26:33 PM): ARNIE
Honeylash (11:27:23 PM): im an only child so i get lonely alot....god i wish i was a twin
Honeylash (11:27:31 PM): thats a dear name
Alk3matt (11:28:42 PM): i dont get ti
Honeylash (11:29:00 PM): get wgat?
Honeylash (11:29:03 PM): what*

Alk3matt (11:29:33 PM): do you have a pic you could send me
Honeylash (11:30:03 PM): yeah hold on, do you?
Alk3matt (11:30:10 PM): yes
Honeylash (11:30:19 PM): send it matt
Alk3matt (11:32:00 PM): i can't right now
Honeylash (11:32:25 PM): im going to send you mine, it takes a seond, im sorry my computer is slow
Honeylash (11:32:34 PM): why cant you send yours
Alk3matt (11:32:35 PM): its ok
Alk3matt (11:32:45 PM): i don't know how
Honeylash (11:33:42 PM): ohh man i really want to see what you look like, i feel like we have some kind of connection , can you describe yourself?
Alk3matt (11:34:15 PM): well i 6feet and im black
Honeylash (11:34:52 PM): im not a racist so thats not a porblme
Honeylash (11:35:04 PM): wait, how old are you ?
Alk3matt (11:35:13 PM): 25
Honeylash (11:35:55 PM): woah, your kinda old

Honeylash (11:36:03 PM): whats your email address

Alk3matt (11:36:16 PM): don't have one
Alk3matt (11:36:24 PM): i connect with my mind
Honeylash (11:36:28 PM): then how can i send you my pic?

Alk3matt (11:36:38 PM): i don't want it
Honeylash (11:36:57 PM): i feel like we connect for some reason
Alk3matt (11:37:28 PM): i feel like ive known you since december 2001
Honeylash (11:37:53 PM): me too, thats why i want you to see me, and i want to see you

Honeylash (11:38:15 PM): but you gave me a good description
Alk3matt (11:38:28 PM): i did
Alk3matt (11:38:37 PM): what do you look like
Honeylash (11:38:49 PM): il send you my pic, i have a pic for you
Honeylash (11:38:54 PM): only for you
Alk3matt (11:39:00 PM): ok
Honeylash (11:39:02 PM): i need your addy
Alk3matt (11:39:15 PM): its my sn
Honeylash (11:39:23 PM): @ what?
Alk3matt (11:39:51 PM): i can't do this
Alk3matt (11:40:07 PM): i have a female counterpart
Honeylash (11:40:29 PM): it doesnt matter, after you see my pic, maybe you will love me

Honeylash (11:40:40 PM): is this going to fast for you?
Honeylash (11:41:10 PM): i know im only a white 9 year old girland our a 26 year old black man, but i think this can work out
Alk3matt (11:41:59 PM): i think you would get along with this girl i know named
Alk3matt (11:42:07 PM): NICOLE ARNOLD
Honeylash (11:42:39 PM): i dunno, maybe after we meet in person, you coiuld introduce us, but i want you to see me
Honeylash (11:42:51 PM): LET ME SEND YOU MY PIC
Alk3matt (11:43:01 PM): alright
Alk3matt (11:43:06 PM): go ahead
Honeylash (11:43:13 PM): can i have your addy?

Alk3matt (11:43:26 PM): its just alk3matt
Honeylash (11:43:32 PM): @ what?

Alk3matt (11:43:40 PM): aol.com
Honeylash (11:44:19 PM): sent
Alk3matt (11:44:45 PM): thanks
Honeylash (11:44:55 PM): tell me what you think

Honeylash (11:45:27 PM): do youo like it?
Alk3matt (11:46:07 PM): your hot
Honeylash (11:46:15 PM): what do i look like?
Alk3matt (11:46:40 PM): stephanie tanner
Honeylash (11:46:50 PM): i get that alot
Honeylash (11:47:39 PM): i can feel a good beginning here
Alk3matt (11:47:47 PM): me too
Honeylash (11:48:17 PM): you make me feel, special, like no one else ever did, im mature for a 9 year old, so please keep that in mind, dont use it against me
Alk3matt (11:49:35 PM): do you mind if i put this convo in my live journal
Honeylash (11:50:00 PM): not at all, can i have your blog name?
Alk3matt (11:50:27 PM): your on my friends list already
Honeylash (11:50:39 PM): i dont have a blog
Honeylash (11:50:59 PM): my grandmom says they can lead you to black people on the internet
Honeylash (11:51:50 PM): but lucky for me , i found YOU
Alk3matt (11:51:57 PM): have you ever kissed a boy
Honeylash (11:52:49 PM): not yet, my grandmom says if you kiss a boy. black will want to kiss, and thats anot allowed
Honeylash (11:53:01 PM): people*

Honeylash (11:53:05 PM): kiss you*
Honeylash (11:54:02 PM): but i would kiss you, by your description, you seem strong, and manly man, just what a 9 year old like myself needs her life
Honeylash (11:54:50 PM): - man
Alk3matt (11:56:18 PM): this is really weird
Alk3matt (11:56:45 PM): i know its you nicole arnold
Honeylash (11:56:59 PM): HAHA i totally fooled you

Honeylash (11:57:08 PM): that pic threw you off completely!
Honeylash (11:58:31 PM): are you going to post that convo?

Honeylash signed off at 11:59:52 PM.
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(no subject) [Jan. 19th, 2004|01:13 am]
Matt Squared
[mood |hothot]
[music |Alkaline Trio - This is getting over you]

Everybody has 3 options on what they want to do to me and they are

A.Pass me the dutch

B.Moon over me

C.Wane in my direction
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its a DEWY situation [Jan. 12th, 2004|05:16 pm]
Matt Squared

[mood |nauseatednauseated]
[music |Saves The Day- She]

"She is the MORNING DEW dangling on leaves leaking into streams"

thats a line from a saves the day i thought matt and matt would like.

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(no subject) [Jan. 9th, 2004|12:47 am]
Matt Squared

[music |AFI : The Leaving Song]

me and matt had this conversation with paul baker tonight

LugnutWizard [12:06 AM]: i dont get ti
Heartless Cloud0 [12:06 AM]: get wgat
LugnutWizard [12:07 AM]: i think your a good looking nut
Heartless Cloud0 [12:08 AM]: ty
Heartless Cloud0 [12:08 AM]: and u r
LugnutWizard [12:08 AM]: Michelle Brown
Heartless Cloud0 [12:08 AM]: oh
Heartless Cloud0 [12:08 AM]: hi
Heartless Cloud0 [12:08 AM]: how did u get my iam name
LugnutWizard [12:09 AM]: you put it on your application,i've been meaning to talk with you
Heartless Cloud0 [12:09 AM]: i did?
LugnutWizard [12:09 AM]: yes
Heartless Cloud0 [12:10 AM]: oh
LugnutWizard [12:10 AM]: it's in the computer at work

Heartless Cloud0 [12:10 AM]: i c
LugnutWizard [12:10 AM]: i really like how you shake it through the store
LugnutWizard [12:10 AM]: keep this personal,i want an online romance with you
Heartless Cloud0 [12:10 AM]: rofl
LugnutWizard [12:11 AM]: i fond out iam like by you
LugnutWizard [12:12 AM]: where are you paul
Heartless Cloud0 [12:12 AM]: home
LugnutWizard [12:12 AM]: whats your address?
Heartless Cloud0 [12:13 AM]: its on my ap
LugnutWizard [12:13 AM]: i know
LugnutWizard [12:13 AM]: paul i want your schlong
Heartless Cloud0 [12:13 AM]: i c
LugnutWizard [12:14 AM]: do you want my DONK
Heartless Cloud0 [12:14 AM]: its bakerr not backerr
LugnutWizard [12:15 AM]: whos backerr?
LugnutWizard [12:16 AM]: smell it baker
Heartless Cloud0 [12:16 AM]: yeah
LugnutWizard [12:16 AM]: BA-KER!
Heartless Cloud0 [12:16 AM]: funny
Heartless Cloud0 [12:16 AM]: mat
Heartless Cloud0 [12:17 AM]: matt*
LugnutWizard [12:17 AM]: who told? the thief?!
Heartless Cloud0 [12:17 AM]: i c
LugnutWizard [12:18 AM]: BAKER I WANT YOU
LugnutWizard [12:19 AM]: I WANT TO PARTY WITH BAKER
Heartless Cloud0 [12:19 AM]: lol
LugnutWizard [12:19 AM]: do you miss me at work?
Heartless Cloud0 [12:19 AM]: yeah
Heartless Cloud0 [12:19 AM]: its no funny there
LugnutWizard [12:19 AM]: i bring the love to you
Heartless Cloud0 [12:19 AM]: lol
LugnutWizard [12:19 AM]: i bring the fun
LugnutWizard [12:19 AM]: you have a great butt
Heartless Cloud0 [12:19 AM]: ic
LugnutWizard [12:20 AM]: YOU LIKE
LugnutWizard [12:20 AM]: do you have a Gf,even though its not impotent.
Heartless Cloud0 [12:20 AM]: not yet
LugnutWizard [12:20 AM]: your working on that baker
LugnutWizard [12:25 AM]: baker i miss you
LugnutWizard [12:26 AM]: i feel like a heartless cloud when im not with you
Heartless Cloud0 [12:26 AM]: wow
LugnutWizard [12:26 AM]: the skating place?
LugnutWizard [12:26 AM]: paul i wanna come to your homble abode
LugnutWizard [12:26 AM]: the sex pad
LugnutWizard [12:31 AM]: paul
Heartless Cloud0 [12:31 AM]: yeha
LugnutWizard [12:32 AM]: i want the baker special
LugnutWizard [12:32 AM]: bake me a cake
LugnutWizard [12:44 AM]: tell me you love me
Heartless Cloud0 [12:44 AM]: no
LugnutWizard [12:44 AM]: tell me
LugnutWizard [12:44 AM]: say you love the badboy
Heartless Cloud0 signed off at 12:44 AM
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T o - e c k e r l e, f i n e b e r g , + a r n o l d [Jan. 8th, 2004|10:05 pm]
Matt Squared

[mood |boredbored]

speaking of listening to songs in cars.....

remember when Brand new came on the radio and we were in my mom's car and matt F. yelled "TURN IT UP!" he totally scared me in the front seat. that was so funny.

that other entry matt E. posted reminded me of that point in time.

ok well thats it.

what a dumb enrty.

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Three size's of bevi are small medium and what? [Jan. 8th, 2004|07:42 pm]
Matt Squared

[mood |You make me feel like dancing]
[music |Taking Back Sunday : Ghost man on Third]

Last night me and matt thought the ring was after us,that was pretty funny..it was RINGU.

I couldnt beat a mission on Grand Theft Auto,The cops cheesed for matt.

Today me and matt waited in the car while dubbs went into kmart,milkshake came on the radio,i turned it up as loud as possible and rolled the windows down and some chick walked by so i said "HEEEELLO LADIES" in the jack black voice from saving silverman,it was pretty funny.

only matt will laugh at this entry..i think.
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lets give her the old sweep a rooooo [Jan. 7th, 2004|11:53 pm]
Matt Squared

[mood |i'm feelin' corny]
[music |the faint - worked up so sexual!]

this community is the best ever! i'm so glad i joined.

you have bad breathe caused by gingivitis.

good night.
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LET THE PILLAGING BEGIN! [Jan. 7th, 2004|03:06 am]
Matt Squared

hello hello,

this is gonna be a SUPER community!

I dont get ti i know iam not that good looking nut but iam not that bad iam i?

Im bord i guess ill just have to go kill something..

alright enough with the baker lines..

i'd love to chat..but im meeting up with a lady friend..you might know her..

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